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Photographing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Photographing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Article and photographs by Keith French.

A world away from the concrete mountains and steel-lined Chicago River is a rolling land filled with trees, rivers and streams, deer, badger, wolverines, moose, wolf and both black and brown bear. Roughly a 6-8 hour drive north of Chicago is the upper peninsula of Michigan, the UP as many call it.

Locals say the moose came from a trade with Canada: a few…

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5 Tips for Photographing Architecture

5 Tips for Photographing Architecture

Article by Wendy Bright. Photographs by John Szarkowski.

John Szarkowski knew photography.  Not only did he shoot beautifully, he critiqued and curated.  He thought a lot about what makes a good a photograph.

Szarkowski (1925-2007) grew up in Wisconsin and became interested in photography while a boy. By  the late 1940s, he had a degree in art history, a career as a museum photographer, and his…

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Cityscape Mini Workshop Saturday Evening

Cityscape Mini Workshop Saturday Evening

One of my all-time favorite places to head at sunset for a great night of shooting is Fullerton Beach with a trip through Lincoln Park at twilight and dusk. This Saturday, I’ll be leading a small workshop/tour through this area if you’d like to join us. I’m limiting the group to 8 people so I can work with each of you one-on-one. If you’d like to shoot alongside me, get some tips, and some…

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Photographing Shawnee National Forest in the Fall

Photographing Shawnee National Forest in the Fall

The forecast for sunrise is light showers and overcast after an evening of heavy rain. It’s fall in the Shawnee National Forest (southern Illinois) where rain totals are usually light.

During the evening planning session for the next day’s shoots, fellow photographers were thinking out loud about the feasibility of shooting in the morning.  I assured them there was no reason for a pre-dawn…

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Upcoming Chicago Photography Tours

Three new tours coming up! I’ll take you to some of my favorite locations and help you to get some amazing images. These will not have a formal teaching component, but I will be shooting alongside offering advice, helping with composition, and answering your questions.

I’m planning these tours the same way I would plan them if I were shooting on my own or with a group of my friends. I have a good…

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Photographing Union Station

Article by Wendy Bright.  Photographs by Angie McMonigal and Chris Smith.  Featured image by Angie McMonigal.

One of Chicago’s most iconic buildings, Union Station, is also one of its most photogenic.  Located just west of the river at Canal & Adams, Union Station transports one to the glory days of train travel, when Chicago was the rail hub of the nation and everyone traveling across the…

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After the Rain: The University of Chicago Campus

After the Rain: The University of Chicago Campus

Article and photos by Wendy Bright.

Last Saturday’s Photo Walk at the University of Chicago proved a challenge in many ways.  The unrelenting rain in the hours leading up to the walk made carrying on with things a tough call.  Further, photographers planning on coming to the walk had challenges on their hands: everything from flooded basements to terrible traffic.

We postponed the walk an…

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Photographing the Chicago Cultural Center

Photographing the Chicago Cultural Center

From The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago: 100 Of The Best Locations and How To Photograph Them

One of the Chicago’s Best Interiors

Location: 78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

Website: Cultural Center

Hours: M-Th 8AM-7PM, F 8AM-6PM, Sa 9AM-6PM, Su 10 AM-6PM

Architects: Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge (1893)

Admission: Free

Photography Restrictions: Restricted in some galleries, but no restrictions…

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Chicago Through the Eyes of Michael Salisbury: OOC Episode 15

Chicago Through the Eyes of Michael Salisbury: OOC Episode 15

Night Photography Mini Workshops this weekend

Saturday is filled up. Sign up for Sunday, August 31st, using the Paypal button below. If you’re coming to either night, check out episodes

Open House Chicago is coming soon!

Well, kinda soon. But make sure to put it on your calendar.

Open House Chicago: October 18th and 19th, 2015


Interview with Chicago Photographer Michael Salisbury


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Out of Chicago Photo Walk: The University of Chicago

Out of Chicago Photo Walk: The University of Chicago

University of Chicago Photo Walk with Wendy tomorrow! Saturday, August 23rd, 5 to 9 pm

As you may have heard on Chris’s most recent podcast episode, join me for our next photo walk tomorrow: Saturday, August 23rd. We will be hitting the best spots on the University of Chicago campus.

If you haven’t already reserved your spot, see end of this post.

The University of Chicago is famous for its…

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