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Photographing Architecture Day 2: Composing the Image

Photographing Architecture Day 2: Composing the Image

In Day 1 of this series on photographing architecture, I described how I find my subjects to shoot. Angie sent me a message to say that I missed a few good ones that she’ll be talking about this weekend.

In part two I’m giving you my best composition tips for architectural photography.


Pay special attention to the balance between light and dark areas of the image. Art Wolf made a huge deal…

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Photographing Architecture Day 1: Finding Your Subject

Photographing Architecture Day 1: Finding Your Subject

Today is the first in a series of posts this week on photographing architecture as fine art. I don’t mean the type of shots that you’ll see in Architectural Digest with perfectly vertical lines. I mean the crazy awesome architectural and abstract photos you see from people like Angie McMonigal and John Crouch. Of course, I am teaching that workshop this weekend with Angie McMonigal, so I hope…

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Photographer’s Guide to Open House Chicago 2014

Photographer’s Guide to Open House Chicago 2014

It comes one weekend a year. And this is it. Open House Chicago. Chicago’s greatest buildings open their doors to the public for free. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best spots to hit for photography. For the official list of sites, including times and restrictions, visit the Open House Chicago Site List.

Open House Chicago can’t-miss photography sites for 2014

I got a lot of help making…

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Night Photo Tour After Open House Chicago

I rescheduled the rained-out night photography mini-workshop and tour from a few weeks ago to this Saturday.

Night Photo Tour After Open House Chicago

I rescheduled the rained-out night photography mini-workshop and tour from a few weeks ago to this Saturday.

Working in Series With Angie McMonigal

Working in Series With Angie McMonigal

Article by Angie McMonigal

Chris Smith was kind enough to invite me to present a workshop with him on Fine Art Architectural Photography on October 25. How could I say no to this?! Spending a day talking about and shooting my favorite architectural subjects in my favorite city with a small group of photographer’s equally as in love with this city and its buildings…what’s not to love!

Chris asked…

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Fine Art Architecture Workshop with Angie McMonigal and Chris Smith

Wow! This is going to be awesome. If you’re a fan of Angie McMonigal and her photography, you are going to LOVE this workshop. Saturday, October 25th, Angie and I are running a workshop on fine art architectural photography. We have reserved a private room at the Harold Washington Library in the Loop for classroom time and we’ll make our way out into the Loop to shoot.

Starting at the library at…

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Tips for Winter Photography

Tips for Winter Photography

Article and photographs by Tim Karas

Nelson Algren once wrote “Chicago is an October kind of town, even in spring.”  Chicago is a city that shines in every season, and spring, summer and fall offer the best photographic opportunities, mainly due to the weather conditions.  Winter should not be ignored, though.  With the right preparation, some incredible scenes can be captured.

In 1988, during a…

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Join Me at the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

Join Me at the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk is this Saturday, October 11th. Howard Frank is leading a walk here in Chicago starting at the Bean at 5pm. Howard is an integral part of the Out of Chicago team and has introduced me to many of my favorite photo locations in Chicago. So he knows his stuff! Get more info on the walk at the photowalk site. See you there!

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A Gothic Evening in Chicago

A Gothic Evening in Chicago

Featured photo by John Sampson.

We had perfect weather for our rescheduled Photo Walk through the University of Chicago campus on Saturday night.  And while we walked and shot the Gothic (and modern) glories, the sound of jazz wafted through the air, the golden hour greeted us, and the energy of returning students surrounded us.  I think the resulting photography is proof of how inspiring it all…

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Out of Chicago Photo Walks with Wendy: Sunday & Monday

Out of Chicago Photo Walks with Wendy: Sunday & Monday

This Sunday and Monday evenings, September 28th and 29th, Out of Chicago’s architecture expert Wendy Bright will lead two photo walks through Chicago’s Loop.  Last year’s Loop Photo Walk that Wendy led was a success and the group enjoyed amazing light, so we thought we’d offer two dates again at the same time.

The Loop is one of Chicago’s most photogenic spots, but you haven’t shot it until…

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